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    There’s no question that today’s pet owners are very different from pet owners just a few years ago ­­– just look at the explosion in pet products and services being marketed to pet owners these days, everything from doggy daycare and pet strollers to video games for cats and TV stations for dogs. The next thing pet parents are going to be looking for is a veterinarian that can prove they understand and support the relationship they have with their pet/fur baby.

    Those that complete the course will earn an official Human-Animal Bond Certification from the NAVC and HABRI.

    To earn the Human-Animal Bond Certification, candidates:

    Certified Human-Animal Bond practitioners will receive:

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    Introductory Pricing*

    To qualify for a practice certification, at least 50% of staff must be certified. When your practice is certified, you not only receive discounted individual certification pricing, but you also qualify for a complimentary toolkit of promotional materials that will help you promote your new certification to your clients.

    *Introductory rates valid through June 30, 2018
    AVMA Members receive a 20% discount on Level 1 pricing.

    Promote Your Certification

    Once you become Human-Animal Bond certified, we want to help you promote your new certification to your clients. A sampling of the toolkit pieces you’ll have access to is outlined below and the visual showcases a few of these materials.

    Individual Toolkit 

    Clinic Toolkit
    This kit includes everything from the above Veterinary Toolkit in addition to:

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