• Why Choose the NAVC to Manage
    Your Veterinary Association Services?

    Take a look at what we offer that’s different — and highly effective — for your success.

    We understand that small associations are challenged in identifying leadership that can provide both the stewardship to operate the organization prudently, while having the experience and capacity to grow the membership and value proposition.

    Most often, small associations lack the financial resources to hire a full-time staff, and while a traditional association management company (AMC) can be a viable option, these firms often lack experience in the veterinary profession… and with nonprofits.

    The NAVC has expanded its view on "Community" from a group of similar people to include groups of similar organizations – all dedicated to providing Better Care for Animals Everywhere.

    The NAVC has expanded its view on “Community” from a individuals to organizations – all dedicated to providing better care for animals everywhere.

    The NAVC has developed a Community Model that solves these challenges.

    Built on three guiding principles; Focus, Experience and Scalability, the NAVC has expanded its view on Community from a group of similar people to include groups of similar organizations — all dedicated to providing better care for animals everywhere.

    Consider the 5 benefits of working with us.

    1. You’ll have a partner that understand your needs: For more than 30 years, the NAVC has been a leader in the veterinary community, hosting the world’s largest conference for the veterinary healthcare team. With recent expansions into online education (VetFolio.com) as well as print publications (Today’s Veterinary Business, Today’s Veterinary NurseToday’s Veterinary Practice and Veterinary Advantage), we are uniquely positioned to deliver what you need.
    1. We’ve got your back as a partner in your success: While the majority of the NAVC’s senior leadership will be intimately involved with the management of your project; it is your Executive Director that will be the primary point of contact for your association. With that in mind, our approach to association management is very much of a partnership. Instead of assigning an existing Executive Director to “your account,” both the NAVC and your association will hire the best person to meet the present and future needs, while also being the right cultural fit for NAVC.
    1. Just for you: effective, flexible and fast service: Everyone says they are different, but we are – and we can prove it. From award-­winning product development, advertising and marketing campaigns to implementing innovative ‘cloud-­based’ technologies, we move quickly in order to enhance the customer experience. We are a technology-­forward organization that works with leading firms such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon to provide both scalability and reliability for all stakeholders. Unlike most association management companies, we do not lock your organization into long-­term contracts. If you are not pleased with our work on your behalf we will help you transition to another organization at anytime! Check out our services.
    1. You’ll have guidance from a highlyexperienced team: In addition to being CAEs (Certified Association Executives) and CMPs (Certified Meeting Planners), our staff team has deep experience in and out of associations. Our staff has led highly-successful membership campaigns, developed groundbreaking online learning systems, launched certification programs and much more. Plus, our corporate culture ensures that the effort is always about you and your members… not us!
    1. Your association members’ experience is everything: If we have learned one thing over the past 31 years serving the veterinary healthcare team, it’s to truly be obsessed with customer service. One of our key differentiators is that, unlike nearly most association management companies, most of your customers and members are also ours. That’s both a special bond and an incredible responsibility that permeates the ethos of our organization and culture. Modeled after organizations like Zappos, we empower every team member to do whatever is necessary to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction to you and your members. That same commitment will be a part of your customer service model under our stewardship.

    Let’s talk!

    We look forward to connecting with you to see if we’re the right fit for your needs. For more information about how we can help you, contact us now.

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