• The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) Brand Identity

    Below is a link to the NAVC’s brand and identity guidelines. This guide outlines the appropriate usage of the NAVC brand elements for all mediums. These guidelines apply to print and digital uses of the NAVC’s brand.

    NAVC Brand Guidelines

    NAVC Logo

    Need to use the official NAVC logo? Click on the links below to download an approved, high-resolution version.


    NAVC – Full Color Logo
    JPG   |   PNG



    NAVC – Black Logo
    JPG   |   PNG



    NAVC – White Logo


    VMX Logo

    Need to use the official VMX logo? Click on the links below to review the brand guidelines and download approved, high-resolution logo files.

    VMX Brand Guidelines

    VMX – Full Color Logo
    JPG   |   PNG

    VMX – White Logo

    The NAVC Institute Logo

    In text, the NAVC Institute should always be listed as follows: NAVC should be listed first, followed by “Institute” with a capital I and then accompanied by the year of the event. For the upcoming event held at the Caribe Royale, please use “The NAVC Institute 2018” for all text references.

    Unacceptable text uses:
    NAVC institute | NAVC Institute | Institute 2016


    NAVC Institute – Full Color Logo
    JPG   |   PNG

    NAVC Institute – Black Logo
    JPG   |   PNG

    NAVC Institute – White Logo


    NAVC OnCampus – Full Color Logo
    JPG   |   PNG

    NAVC OnCampus – Black Logo
    JPG   |   PNG

    NAVC OnCampus – White Logo

    All trademarks, service marks, and logos used by NAVC (collectively, the “Marks”) are the exclusive property of NAVC and are protected by law and existing federal trademark registrations and applications. NAVC grants you a limited, revocable, and nonexclusive right to use the Marks solely in connection with advertising your sponsorship of or participation as an exhibitor in the NAVC Conference, as the case may be. All use of the Marks shall inure to the benefit of NAVC. Except as expressly permitted pursuant to the foregoing license, you may not (i) take any action inconsistent with or adverse to or otherwise challenge NAVC’s ownership or rights in and to Marks, (ii) intentionally change or alter the Marks in any way, including without limitation, in appearance or spelling or change the case of letters, (iii) incorporate the Marks in your own brand name, trade name, corporate name, trademarks, service marks, logos or domain names, (iv) use the Marks to advertise, market or sell your goods or services or otherwise utilize Marks or NAVC’s goodwill and reputation for your own commercial purposes, or (v) file any application or obtain any registration containing the Marks or any mark confusingly similar to Marks in any country.

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